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At the moment you are probably surfing the net trying to find someone in whom you can put your trust to help relieve your back pain, get rid of those migraine headaches or maybe ease that built up tension in your neck and shoulders. May we suggest that you save yourself some time and effort by taking a minute to read the testimonials below that we we have received from our many satisfied clients.

Are you suffering from Back Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Tennis Elbow or other general muscle strains, aches and pains, then Thai Massage Therapies Melbourne can help. We offer both Traditional Thai Massage and Remedial Massage Therapies to quickly get you back on your feet again.

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I can't remember when I last felt this good

After suffering from a debilitating lower back injury for more than 10 years, and a neck and shoulder complaint that has bothered me on and off for even longer, I discovered a blessing called Surapa.

I was referred to Surapa by a friend in 2007 after having another lower back episode. I almost didn’t book the appointment because over the years I had tried many different therapists and had gained little or no improvement or pain relief. To be honest, I had no expectation that Surapa would be any different from all the others, but out of desperation I went along and tried a massage from Surapa, and boy, am I glad that I did!

It was the best massage I had ever had and the first of many since. For the first time in years my back started to feel better and I was able to walk around and exercise without it feeling as stiff as an ironing board. My neck and shoulders also love Surapa’s magic hands and I can’t even remember when I last felt this good.

I have referred Surapa to many of my Friends and Family, and not one of them has had anything other than praise for her. She is professional, kind, caring and humble, and I believe she works from the right energetic space, a truly good human being who actually wants to help people.

Fab F.
Pascoe Vale

My lower back pain has improved dramatically

I awoke one morning with a severe pain at the base of my neck. Thinking it was just a chill, I let it go untreated for about a week but it became progressively worse. I attended an osteopath 4 times with little gain, so I tried another osteopath, still no gain. My GP said very little, except to take Panadol. I was unable to drive my car because sometimes I could not turn my head to the left at all. I also tried a Chinese naturopath but it continued to get worse.

I had also hurt my lower back in the past- an ongoing problem. I told my GP about a severe pain that I had in my left leg and the best he could come up with was to take anti-inflammatory medication. After about 9 months had elapsed, and seeing Surapa's advertisement in the local paper, I made an appointment. She worked on me for about 2 hours, explaining all the time what she was doing and why. My neck was cured on the first visit, left leg cured at the next appointment and my lower back pain has improved dramatically.

Subsequently, I have recommended Surapa too many of my close friends and they also have had great success. It is obvious to me that Surapa is beyond doubt the only person from whom I have had treatment of this type that knows exactly what she is doing. As well as her unique ability, she is kind compassionate and caring.

Neil A.

Gifted, Attentive & Meticulous!

As a lifelong sufferer of neck and back pain, I have used a variety of therapies and practitioners all around the world, but Surapa of Thai Massage Therapies is without a doubt – the very best!

Surapa’s work is phenomenal and her ability to release deep muscle tension is truly amazing. She is thoroughly professional and takes a genuine interest in bringing pain relief to her clients.

I could not recommend Surapa’s services more highly.

Alexander B.

Worth the drive to the other side of town

While working on a roof I twisted my back. Didn’t think much about it is it has happened before and always came good in a few days. The following week I had to go to New Zealand. After one night in a bed that wasn’t the best, I knew I had a real problem. I couldn’t twist my upper body and walking was very painful. So I went to a physiotherapist in New Zealand, and I’m sure if I had 6-8 weeks of treatment, I could have come right.

On my return to Melbourne a friend recommended me to try Surapa. After a two hour massage of my back and legs, I felt so much better, sore but better. I asked if I could play golf the next day and Surapa said “if I felt ok play”. I was better than ok, and I played my best game of golf in three years. Not one twinge of pain since. Surapa is one in a million. She is definitely worth the drive to the other side of town.

David R.
Vermont South

I have been seeing Surabaya for nearly 8 years and I couldn't recommend her high enough. I have sent clients to see her who have also become regulars. I have had back and neck issues, including having had surgery. Surabaya has not only helped me ease my pain before surgery, but has helped with my recovery also. I think she is magic, she uses her intuition to help heal, she is more than just a masseuse


My Migraine headaches are a thing of the past

In my work as an IT Sales Director, for the past 3 years I have travelled extensively throughout ASIA, moving through time zones and trying to sleep on airplanes. The travel combined with the stressful nature of IT Sales seemed to be taking its toll on my body as I was starting to experience serious migraine headaches. As well as getting them through the course of the day the migraines were actually waking me up at night. I could go to sleep feeling OK and then wake up in the middle of the night with a massive migraine. From my perspective the pain from these migraines was unbearable and on top of that I was getting sleep deprivation too!

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I went to see doctors on numerous occasions and they just supplied me with medication. I went to a physio thinking my neck and back might be the problem. That didn’t work so back to the doctors again, this time they referred me to a neurologist in Melbourne who did all the usual checks on me but still nothing was working and the pain kept getting worse.

Three weeks ago having got a migraine on Friday and dosing up on medication I went to bed. At around 2AM Saturday I woke up with a massive migraine and no amount of medication would help in relieving the pain. For the record I took 8 Panadeine Forte and 3 Valium that night. I was in so much pain that I clearly remember saying to my wife 'just put a bullet in me'!

Saturday morning came and went and I finally managed to get some sleep. Whilst I was sleeping my wife rang Thai Massage Therapies and spoke with Surapa and explained my problem and she agreed to see me straight away.

Now I have to be honest and let you know that I am kind of old fashioned– sort of a blokes bloke is what I am. So when it came to massage I wasn’t a big advocate of it, not that I had any real experience. It was just one of the things on the list of blokes stuff not to do, right up there with a bloke moisturising his face and hands. Anyway I was pretty desperate and I would look at anything that might improve my situation with these migraines. After all, if I didn’t think it was working I would just not go back.

After the first visit I was able to get through a night without medication or waking up with a massive migraine. After the second visit the migraines had gone from daily to every other day which was a massive improvement. After the third visit I only had one migraine for the whole week. Today will be my fourth time back to see Surapa from Thai Massage Therapies, but this time it’s to get some proactive treatment.

Whilst nothing has changed with my work role, with the stress, the sleeping on planes and the travelling through different time zones – I’m amazed but those migraines headaches just aren’t there any more.

If you are experiencing the type of pain that I have outlined above then I would highly recommend that you call Thai Massage Therapies and book an appointment with Surapa as I have no doubt that it is Surapa’s treatment that has made my migraines headaches a thing of the past.

As for Surapa, a nicer person you’re never going to meet.

So I learned 3 things out of this:

  • The wife is always right.
  • Doctors are like 1st level support. If they don’t know, they prescribe medication.
  • Massage really works, well at least it does with Surapa from Thai Massage Therapies.

Good luck,
Mike L.

An amazing massage therapist.

I can attest to the benefits of Surapa’s massage for neck, back and migraine pain. I had suffered from a sore back which resulted in me getting bad migraine headaches for several years. The deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques that Surapa specialises in have relieved my pain and stopped my migraines.

Surapa has an unbelievable ability to read the body and locate the source of the problem, providing instant relief. She has helped to promote healing within my body for deep tissue problems that no-one else has been able to address.

An amazing massage therapist, I frequently refer my friends to her. Now that my migraines are under control, I continue to visit Surapa regularly for a massage to improve my sense of well being and aid in body and mind relaxation.

Angela V.

I cannot remember when I felt so good and pain free... I went and saw surapa and she relived my neck and back pain and helped to ease all of those irrating headaches and migraines I was getting I felt very relaxed after my massage I was very impressed and very satisfied.. for the first time in 5 years I can live pain free thanks to Surapa.

Belinda E

The relief from the pain was amazing

I had been suffering from a tennis elbow for about 7 months and had been attending a physiotherapist twice a week with little or no improvement. Almost all movement of my right arm was extremely painful. I was also suffering pain at night which was interfering with my sleep.

I was recommended to Surapa and she “worked her magic” from my fingertips right up into the shoulder and neck areas. At the end of the first session with Surapa the relief from the pain was amazing and after several more visits it has almost gone entirely.

There is no doubt that Surapa’s massage really assisted the healing of my elbow, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody unlucky enough to suffer from tennis elbow.

Peter H.

Dear Surapa

Thank you very much for taking away my tennis elbow pain.

I had been suffering with Tennis Elbow in my right arm for the past several years. The pain was with me constantly both day and night. Because of the constant pain in my elbow I was unable to work for about a month and I couldn’t even lift a glass of water, open a door or do many other simple jobs. I went to my family doctor and he gave me two injections into my elbow. I also went to a physiotherapist many times but the pain was always still there.

Since finding Surapa at Thai Massage Therapies I have gradually gained relief and now I don’t feel any pain at all. Once again thank you so much.

Sincerely yours

Huong V.

I have been going to Surapa for almost 6 years now, after being referred by a family friend for a therapeutic massage for my back and shoulders. A few months ago I started suffering from tennis elbow. It was severely inflamed and was extremely painful and I would struggle to lift things. After the second session with Surapa I could really start to feel some relief. Now a few sessions later my pain has almost disappeared, all thanks to Surapa and her fantastic skills!

J Singh

I have been going to Surapa's clinic for massage therapy for at least 3 years now. Surapa was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I went there for the first time when the Sciatica in both hips was so painful I could hardly walk. I have suffered from painful Sciatica for many years and in the past had lots of acupuncture at another clinic but I felt that it was only a band-aid fix as the pain kept returning. After my first couple of massages at Surapa's clinic the pain in my hips was completely gone. I was so amazed at her skills and strength in doing her job. I'm so grateful to you for giving me relief from the terrible Sciatic pain that I was suffering.

I was in so much pain that I had to take lots of anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers like Neurofen almost every day. Being in the retail business, my job requires lifting of heavy boxes of groceries. Knowing that I can go to Surapa for a massage when I get aches or pains is a big plus for me. After the massage I always walk out feeling so relaxed from my shoulders down to my feet. Now I not only visit her fortnightly, but I also have brought many friends there and they also share my thoughts on her skills. Thank you Surapa for your healing power, you are a talented and gifted massage therapist who I highly recommend to all who are searching for the best masseur in town.

Adeline Sie

Amazing I been to others PHYISO working on my back ( Sciatica ) 10 mins with no results .wasted money

I Google Thai Massage. Oak park.

Made a booking .Amazing lady with total experience and knowledge of back pain ( Sciatica ). Highly recommended.

Orlando Bagnato

I have been suffering from shoulder pain because of my previous shoulder injury. Going to Surapa regularly and having massages relieves my pain. I now go here often and Surapa always takes good care of me. I am happy to have found a good and decent massage therapist. It is also a good thing that I can use my Private Health Insurance.

Nette S

It is not often that a massage therapist incorporates Thai massage techniques in remedial massage as well as being registered with health funds and when I came across Surapa, I was delighted. I have had 2 massage sessions for my sore shoulder and both times, I experienced an improvement, with more range of motion and less pain.

Surapa has more than enough strength to apply sufficient pressure to muscles and tendons, and with appropriate feedback to her, can lead to a productive massage session. She has a caring personality and usually gives more than 100% of her efforts.

The massage room is modern, clean and tidy. Availability of HICAPS is a bonus. As a retired massage therapist, I believe that It is important to find a massage (or any other) therapist that one can resonate with, and if you are not getting results with your current therapist, then I would suggest that you consider Surapa.

Meng Fong

I cannot speak highly enough of Surapa. She genuinely cares for her clients and is such a beautiful person. Her massages are amazing! She is super span and as much as she kills me when she is massaging, I always come out of her treatments feeling fabulous.

I have had long term neck pain that was could not be fixed by physios or chiros. I am so relived to be able to find a resolution! You must definitely give Surapa a try. She is the best there is!!!

Annie Girl

I awoke one morning unable to walk properly. I couldn't look down or drive the car. I had the most excruciating pain shooting up my neck and down my legs. My wife had to drive me to my appointment. After my first session I felt amazing. Pain free and able to walk and drive. I cannot recommend this service enough.

Thank you so much.


I've been going to Surapa for regular massages for the past 5 years. I have tried many other massages but I always go back to Surapa. I suffer from frequent shoulder, neck and back problems. I wake up with bad head aches and feel tense on my shoulder, neck and upper back areas. Surapa does a fanatastic job and highly recommend her. She is the best at massaging. After each massage I feel more relaxed and able to function better.

A reminder that Surapa does NOT OFFER any sexual services of any kind.

Meadow Heights

For the past 15 years I have been suffering from shoulder pain, neck and heel pain I have tried multiple therapies and different massages and none of these were reliving my pain and discomfort I found Surapa and her massage therapies online so I decided to go and try it out I was very impressed and satisfied with her services Surapa was able to relive my pain and my discomfort Surapa is exceptional and very polite she always shows me respect and addresses my concerns I am very happy and will be a continuous customer.


I have been asking doctors and specialists for help with my frequent legs muscles tightness and spasms particularly at night. Sadly they were of not much help. Fortunately my friend who has so much faith in Sarupa took me to see her for a massage. I wish I had gone to see Sarupa earlier as she has relieved me of my misery. I now sleep pain free as she has helped me relax my legs muscles. Sarupa is thorough and is a genuinely caring person and friend! I strongly recommend her for anyone experiencing muscle stress, tightness and pain.

Kasimir Clement
Wheelers Hill

I sleep so much better now.

I had tried many massage therapists before I found Surapa ... how I wasted so much time!

Surapa is certainly the best. She is very professional and has fixed many of my 'sore spots', some of which I have had for years. I am much happier because I sleep so much better now and consequently I have more energy throughout the day. I happily drive for over 30 minutes to get to Surapa, passing many other massage therapists as I go, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Greg S.
Mont Albert

The best masseuse I have ever met

I’d like to make note of the wonderful work done by Surapa from Thai Massage Therapies. I have been enjoying massage for more than twenty years now, and have been to many so called experts. May I say here, I have never known any better than Surapa. Her dedication and application is the best.

She actually listens to what you need. I have always found most masseurs do what they want, usually spending too much time on my back when I don’t have any problems there. I work out at the gym, spend long days at work standing on a concrete floor and suffer from tired fatigued legs in particular. After a visit to Surapa followed by a good night rest, I feel alive again.

She really is without a doubt THE BEST masseuse I have ever met, and I highly recommend her work and her pleasant friendly style to anyone in need of some stress relief.

Greg A.

The Truth about Surapa

I wondered if Surapa would have the power.
I sure found out after about an hour.
When she did my back I thought I was mangled.
When she did my neck I thought I was strangled.
She also did my legs and my feet.
I could hardly walk back down the street.
I was screaming for mercy squirming and wriggling.
But she still tortured me and started giggling.

( Hope my poem gives you a laugh.)

After going everywhere for massages but never getting the type of treatment that I needed, I finally tracked down Surapa. As a massage therapist myself, I know exactly what I need and Surapa has the necessary knowledge and skills required to provide a quality massage.

Surapa is talented, thorough, kind and caring.

I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of professional massage treatment.

Terry K.

The best masseuse I have ever met

I have been referred by my friend to Surapa. I am a nurse and I love massage. I know exactly who is a good masseuse. We live on the other side of town and even driving an hour away, we come regularly every month . And even much cheaper as i buy the package and i can use my health insurance as she has the facility for that. I give her 5/5 for her professionalism and expertise.


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